Aloha land owners, project managers, farmers, gardeners and green thumbs alike!!

As we enter into 2017 it is proving to be an outstanding year in agriculture with newly available lands and multitudes of new farmers starting every month. With all the advancements in information sharing and technology, farming has been propelled into the mainstream and progressing at a tremendous rate.

Unfortunately with this rapid advancement also comes some serious downfalls, magnified by lots of misinformation and  improper techniques to farm successfully in our island’s climate and soil structures. Most of the farming failures I see are with some very talented and brilliant people entering into farming armed with mis-information usually related to off island experiences and results. Although this information is a great tool for a solid start, it is usually Just enough to allow most ventures to go deep and then fail miserably, with no benefits to the individuals, the land, or agriculture in the islands as a whole. Ironically these failures are not limited to farm sizes, finances and/or educational practices. Too many backyard gardeners, small-scale farms as well as multi million dollar projects fail miserably from poor planning, poor timing and simply too much unrelated information for Hawaii’s growing climate. Yes, too much unrelated information.


There is a better way…

Farming can be simple, rewarding and YES profitable with the right direction and site specific information. Here at Mahina Organics we have helped countless individuals as well as large corporations navigate many of the challenges we face farming in the islands…wether it be your backyard plot to feed your family, to a full-blown closed loop, bio-dynamic production farm we have the services and training you need with real world experiences rooted here in the islands. Through consultation, farm planning, direct training and/or full implementation of our Regenerative farm systems we will help you succeed.

Our fees are very reasonable, and designed to help agriculture succeed as a whole within the islands, starting with every individual farmer and their specific needs. Please feel free to drop us a line at for inquiries, shout-outs and of course we would love to hear the success stories you have had farming here in the islands!

Looking forward to seeing you all in the fields, big Aloha D

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