2015 and doing it right! Farm Internship program now accepting applications:



Happy holidays!!… farmers, aspiring farmers and all green thumbs!

By popular demand, Mahina Organics is finally offering a farm internship program at the Punaluu location. Just in time to start the new year right. We have a limited number of openings and are looking for the right group of individuals to farm with. The internship program is being offered to help new, aspiring or beginning farmers to succeed within an organic/holistic frame-work. Each intern will be given their own plot of land, guidance and all supplies needed to efficiently and effortlessly grow amazing chemical free vegetables. (ALL produce grown by the intern is theirs to keep, take home, distribute, sell, etc.) The Internship program will begin the second week of January and run in two phases. ALL instruction will be based on holistic/organic practices with a larger regenerative frame-work in mind.

The first phase is designed for new aspiring farmers or current conventional farmers interested in moving away from agricultural, petrol-chemical usages. We will cover the basis for designing, establishing, and managing an efficient organic/holistic farming system; focusing on high yielding, profitable short-term crops for the open market place. Each intern will have their own plot of land to manage and harvest from.

The second phase is designed as a continuation from Phase 1 or as a supplemental course for more advanced farmers. In this second segment we will explore some options to completely close loop a farming system. Yes, all inputs generated on farm. Some of the techniques we will cover include: compost teas, natural farming techniques, bio-char and bio-dynamic sprays and preparations. Each intern will be assigned their own plot of land with directions on how to construct and make all the necessary farming inputs needed for a close loop system.

Schedules and fees as follows:


Phase 1- Introduction to holistic farming

1/10/2015 to 4/4/2015

Experience needed: none

Cost: $650.00

Instruction/counseling: Tuesdays 3:30pm- 6:30pm, Thursdays 3:30- 6:30pm

Instruction/individual counseling: Saturdays 9:30am-  4:30pm

Free time: Sundays 10:30am- 4:30pm

3/21/2015- 4/4/2015

Final harvest/free time: Tuesday thru Sunday 8:00am- 6:00pm (Mondays off)


Hope to see you all in the fields…Happy farming!!!

Aloha D





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